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fraud & asset recovery

Members of the team have more than 20 years experience in this specialised field, handling large complex fraud cases.  Through a discreet network of contacts with regulatory officials and investigative bodies, coupled with long-standing relationships with forensic experts and correspondent lawyers worldwide, the team is – with little publicity – able to manage all aspects of major international fraud.

With the benefit of such experience, the team has developed a highly efficient asset recovery practice in the most difficult of jurisdictions.  This also complements our other practice areas.

Range of expertise:

  • Inter-state requests for judicial assistance
  • Pre-action security against “hidden” assets
  • Tracing through trusts and foundations
  • Enforcement of judgments and awards worldwide
  • Arrest of ships, bunkers, cargo and freight

Our team prides itself on being able to move unseen and swiftly against entities and individuals intent on escaping liability. Its proven track record has to date, resulted in the recovery of more than £85 million for one client alone against a High Court judgment, following a 78-day trial relating to a major shipping fraud.


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