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speed and consumption analysis

We have developed our own original software to analyse vessel speed and consumption. The program was developed to cater for shipowners and charterers to provide a rapid and cost effective analysis of a vessel's voyage performance so as to form an early and realistic assessment of the merits of potential speed and consumption disputes. Since initial development the programme has been refined to allow presentation of a package to opponents and arbitration tribunals. Initial analysis is provided for a modest fixed cost.

The package has proved to be an almost universally successful tool for producing acceptable or amicable settlement or results which are accepted by London Maritime Arbitrators.

This service has been developed by Stuart Parkin, who has many years experience of dealing with speed and consumption claims and has sat as Independent Assessor jointly appointed by Owners and Charterers.

To produce initial analysis we request clients to provide;

(i) A copy of the relevant charterparty
(ii) Copy log abstracts in the form as per the download
(iii) A copy of any Analysis Reports provided by weather routing companies
(iv) Correspondence exchanged between Owners and Charterers in relation to alleged underperformance





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